Indigenous | Sept 2nd – Oct 21st

Eric Tippeconnic & Derrick Yazzie
    It is our hope that the aesthetic qualities of this art convey the inspiration for their creation through the manifestation of images that depict a vibrant, living and thriving contemporary culture. Furthermore, while the artists honor and recognize the inherent value of Indigenous American history and the unbroken connection we as Indigenous peoples have with our roots these pieces are not the result of a desire to depict a romanticized and stagnant expression of a bye gone historical era. Conversely, it is our hope that by capturing movement the art will serve as a metaphor for the viewer
which boldly states that Indigenous American cultures while intimately connected to their history are in fact contemporary, alive, and constantly evolving. The pieces in this exhibit are a collection of contemporary images
that reinforces the aforementioned concepts.
The life of an Indian is like the wings of the air.
That is why you notice the hawk knows how to get his prey.
The Indian is like that.
The hawk swoops down on its prey,
so does the Indian.
In his lament he is like an animal. 
For instance, the coyote is sly, so is the Indian.
The eagle is the same.
That is why the Indian is always feathered up,  
he is a relative to the wings of the air.


Black Elk,
Oglala Lakota Sioux
© 2018 Inland Empire Museum of Art
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