Betty Hock

Betty Hock | Three Watch | Acrylic on Canvas
  Chris Van Winkle    
On-line Exhibit: Stories from the Art

"California boasts the largest arts industry in the country. This hugely important sector plays a key part in building & sustaining the health & wealth of the state. It employs a creative workforce, generates government revenue & spurs economic development. The arts sector is a cornerstone of the state's tourism industry. Simply put, a vibrant arts community is good for the economy and therefore a good investment..." 

Robert L. Lynch , Present & CEO of Americans for the Arts

IEMA is building to become a key agent in meeting the artistic needs of the residents throughout the Inland Empire, with strong programs and exhibits to provide an outlet for emerging and established artists. The museum will be offering  a variety of art classes and workshops for everyone throughout the community.

We need the support of the community as we move forward, so tell your friends, and ask them to tell their friends. We need to grow our newsletter subscription list and our Facebook likes list (which can be found at the bottom right of this page).  If you would like to donate work to the museum, click here.

IEMA is a grass roots organization, and we look forward to building an artistic resources in our community that will benefit everyone.

Chris Van Winkle |Last of October | Watercolor
  Al Seton    
Al Seton | Acrylic on Paper
Woody Hanson
    Artists Members  
Woody Hanson | Royal River | Watercolor
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