B.J. Lane

B.J. Lane
Portrait by: Gene Sasse 2012

“As a “community artist”, my life and environment has always been intertwined with my artwork. As a young child I discovered my life’s passion, and through the years I have continued to paint, draw and sculpt. Although my early art training was in ceramic sculpture and traditional painting and drawing medium, my current medium of choice is oilbars--oil paint in solid form. Brilliant colors, gestural strokes and blended oil paint combine to form my artistic statement. Searching for beauty in my everyday life, I paint from my heart.”

An early graduate from high school, Bjlane enrolled immediately into Yavapai College in Prescott Arizona, and immersed herself in art studies—from printmaking, drawing and painting to sculpture, technical illustration and design.  In 1976, some of her early work found its way into galleries and by the time she was 19, she had her first one-woman show.   At the age of 25, her career as a gallery artist came to a sudden halt.  It was the beginning of her life as a closet artist as she raised her three children.    For the next 25 years, she studied and worked on her art behind closed doors, doing private commissions, and small-scale community art projects.  A small room in her home became her studio with focus on the family and daily life.    In the early 2000’s Bjlane began to venture out into the Art World again.   In 2006, she exhibited for the first time since 1996, and won “Best of Show” in the Student Exhibition at Citrus College.  Since 2006, she has exhibited new artwork in over 50 art shows, and has created over 400 paintings, drawing and sculptures.  In 2012, she was invited to present a one woman Retrospect Exhibition in the Hayden Gallery at Citrus College, where she exhibited over 30 multi-medium pieces that expanded over a 30 year period.  

“With purpose and expression, there is also the need to come before an audience.  The closet has been opened.  What was inside is now out.” 

Morning Light on the Bridge | 24X36 Oilbars on Canvas | 19.13.06
Afternoon Mist" Germany 2009 | 24X36 Oilbars on Canvas | 20.13.06
Flamin Hot 2010 | 15X21 Oil Sticks on Watercolor Paper | 106.14.06
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"Mostly Sunny" LA 2002 | 36X54 Oilbars on Canvas | 21.13.06