Bob Nash

untitled 1956 | 2.5"x4.5" ink on paper | 461.16.10

Bob Nash, enigmatic, simple, brilliant, bizarre, paradoxical, irreverent and pious are some of the many adjectives that have been used to describe this artist, thinker, storyteller and one of the last of the true bohemians.  Loved by legends and losers alike, Bob defies mere adjectives and description.  His art, his life and his words are his adjectives and trying to describe him is like trying to explain his art.  One must view his art, hear his words, read his poetry and the words of those who knew and know him.

untitled 1956 | 2.75"x2.5" ink on paper | 462.16.10
untitled 1955 | 3"x3.25" ink on paper | 463.16.10
untitled 1956 |3.75"x3.5" ink on paper | 460.16.10
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