Carl Gutierrez 1934-2006



Carlos Gutierrez always enjoyed honing his artistic talents. He also never lost his lifelong love for the craft he'd mastered through the years. Through the years he met numerous celebrities, including comedian Marty Allen, who became a personal friend, and movie and TV actor Peter Falk, who attended art classes with him.

He went as far as Toledo, Spain, and Germany and also liked to sketch at the French cemeteries in New Orleans, La. Through the years, Gutierrez's repertoire that included sketches and Renaissance oils was shown in galleries and earned the respect of artists and collectors alike.

2002 |24x18 Charcoal on paper | 253.15.09
Reclining Nude | 8x11 Watercolor | 256.15.09
Field Worker | 24x18 Mixed-Media | 254.15.09
Cowboy 2002 | 11x8.5 ink on paper | 41.13.10
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Sitting Nude 1975 | 14x11 Graphite on Paper | 255.15.09