Christine Egg White


The positive, creative energy of individuals focused together for a just cause is a powerful agent of change.  Christine believes people were meant to team-work as caretakers of this world, our beautiful garden Home.  The incongruency in the way animals, flora, the land, air, waters, and each other are treated causes immeasurable harm – ultimately to ourselves too.  But there is hope: we each can choose to live deliberately, think freely, love fully and awaken others to do the same.

Christine’s art is a celebration of living beings and natural settings, capturing her own experience in Southern California and love for the organic (for example, her rescued-cats and plants).  However, her art is also a conduit for expressing concern over the momentum gained in destroying our Home and its native co-habitants. Because Christine also works as a science data and information architecture specialist, her opinions in paint are informed and influenced by these fields. Science, Art, and Spirit are a foundational triad in how she spends her life.

North Entrance 2015 | 14x11 Reverse oil on glass, with wood & plater | 189.15.03
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