Denise Kufus Weyhrich


  Constantly intrigued with the metaphorical, Denise is driven to create installation art. Transformations have brought her from art teacher to artist, from graphic designer to art professor, and now as a curator & installation artist. The balance of life, health and healing are subjects that require constantly attention in our hurt and hurried society. By going into those places of suffering and sharing common human experiences through authentic forms, her art resonates. Human forms are substituted with used found objects that share that action of a life lived. Words and symbols appear in an ironic manner that ask questions. Numbers are reflecting the numerology of Biblical truths. Constantly growing and experimenting with new ideas, Denise’s artworks offer authentic encounters with in conceptual art installations. Her desire is to create conversations and encouragement.

The idealized life, described in the language textbook as the characters grow up and live a full happy life is the opposite of what real life presents. These unrealistic expectations of how life is so simple, but it crumbles and falls, so we pick up the pieces of our lives and deal with truly accepting our limitations. As a homage to Renee Green art installations, this is for my immigrant French speaking family, that came to America working the coal mines of near Kansas City MO.



70,000 communion cups from Easter 2009 - Yom Kippur 2011
Process of 2 years placing cups in two or three’s to dry, then stacking the unwashed communion cups with silver ribbon running throughout and up to the ceiling.
25” Plexiglas disk, 7 silver ribbons | 3’ x 3’ | 309.16.04




Wallpaper made of 1950’s French language textbook images
8’ h x 2’ w x1.5’ d
Used broom and dustpan covered with textbook images
Reproduction clock 10” h x 7”w x 2’ d
2013 | 138.14.11

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