Derrick Yazzie


"Derrick Yazzie - Derrick is a destination wedding and portrait photographer who captures the essence of a person and brings them to life in print.  His passion is to immortalize life by drawing out the heart and beauty of people, weddings and his Navajo culture.  

His imagery is filled with color, creative light and emotion. Born and raised in the Gallup, New Mexico, his focus in college was graphic design & marketing but found himself entering a life of business management.  

After working 17 years in the corporate world he realized change was needed so he could focus on who he was created to be.  Out of rediscovery and risk, Derrick Yazzie Photography was born.

Walk in Beauty 2015 | 16x24 B&W Photo | 222.15.03
Family Blessing 2014 |16x24 B&W Photo | 220.15.03

My Dad, the Day After 2013 | 16x24 B&W Photo | 221.15.03