Donna Morin


Theory & Beyond 2015 | 13x25 Mono print/woodcut/pencil/pen| 160.15.01

portrait by: Gene Sasse 2016

I draw inspiration from place. As a west coast resident for almost seventy years, I am a painter inspired by the water, light and air. Water and sunlight are metaphoric interpretations about spirituality and healing.

During the 1920’s thru the 40’s architecture saw the evolution using stylized nature patterns and designs in local homes and prominent buildings. As a result, these fanciful motifs were incorporated into many household architecture niches and decor making homes appear Modern. These indelible and imaginative stylized water repetitions, circles, half circles and zigzags fascinate me with their reference to aesthetic quality. Likewise Minimalism and Abstraction are borrowed influences to express, “the mix of the postmodern lifestyle.”

Finally, historically I am interested in the work of Russian artist Malevich and his defining Square. I use the square both as a format and balancing motif where all sides being equal represent the four corners of the universe: North, South, East and West.

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