Dorothy Sweet Downing


Dorothy Sweet Downing was born at the turn of the last century on a cattle ranch high in the Coloradio Rockies.  As she says, "It was still in the era of the horse and buggy, coal stoves and oil lamps."

She wisely and vigorously pursues an art career as a maturing of a long life that has spanned from those times to the ones she now enjoys as a strong creative spirit. It is her heritage that she gained from her early youthful enjoyment of the big western country when she rode horses, fished and swam, helped move cattle on the range, and for winter enjoyment, among other activities she went skating and sledding.

Her learning was in boarding school away from home, in rural high school and at the University of Colorado where she graduated with a B.A. in Education as a Pre-medic, with work at the Medical School of Pathology.

In 1928 she came to Los Angeles and worked as a medical technologist, and in 1944 she came to San Dimas to work at Magan Clinic. She was there for ten years and then became an elementary school teacher so that she could be near her young son whose father had died.

Dorothy married again, enjoyed world travel and began to study painting and sculpture with Phil Dike and Albert Stewart at Scripps College, later she worked with Betty Davenport Ford.  Milford Zornes and Heinz Rosien.

Her exhibits reflect the richness and variety and expanse of her life and a spiritual strength that has derived from it.

Milford Zornes

Trees | oil on canvas | 324.16.05
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