Durre Waseem

Durre Waseem
Portrait by: Gene Sasse 2010
    Durre Waseem, a native of Pakistan, has a Master of Fine Arts degree from Punjab University and taught for 10 years at various colleges in Pakistan.

Durre moved to the United States in 2001 and became a full time painter. She paints portraits and plein air in oils, pastels, watercolor, ink, and acrylics and captures the local colour of both the people and the place of wherever she may be. Her bold, colorful brushwork and loose impressionistic style effectively capture the energy and feeling of her subject and establishes a direct line of communication with the viewer. Her inspiration is usually an ordinary object, how its identity is defined by its environment, and how it becomes a part of its surroundings.
An evening at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden 2009
33x33 Oil on Canvas | 11.13.02
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