Emil Kosa Jr 1903-1968


A French born American visual effects artist who started out as a matte artist at Fox. He was the very first person to win Best Visual Effects after the Academy Awards changed the name from special effects. He won at the 36th Academy Awards for his work on the film Cleopatra. He also was the one who helped make the very first logo for 20th Century Fox.

In the early 1930s, Kosa became friends with Millard Sheets and with Sheet’s encouragement, began aggressively pursuing a national reputation as a California watercolor artist. He sent up to sixty watercolors every year to museum shows all over America and was among the first California Style watercolorist whose work brought attention to the West Coast watercolor style. He was an active member of the California Water Color Society and served as a president in 1945. Kosa was one of the first of the California watercolorists to be accepted into annual shows in New York City at the National Academy of Design and in the American Watercolor Society shows.

Kosa is best known for his representational watercolors and oils, but also won awards for pencil drawings and pastels depicting figurative subjects and prints. During the 1940s and through the mid-1960s, he occasionally revisited his interest in non-objective art and produced a body of work which expresses his love for music and experimental art concepts.

Nude Model Standing 1929 | 24x18 Graphite on Paper  | 252.15.09
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