Fatemeh Burnes

    I am interested in problem-solving, not solving problems. An ingrained impulse to discover, explore, and invent drives my creative process. The science of art-making fascinates me.I make art not just to produce objects, but also to explore phenomena, whether they occur in the world or in my dreams, as thoughts in my mind or rocks on the ground.

 I am preoccupied by nature, the nature around us and within us, the history we have made and the one we make, a history that is defined not by time, but by energy -- as is nature, and as is art.  

 My artworks, in all media, offer complex levels of comprehension and provoke a multiplicity of responses. I resist at every turn our tendency to simplify the world by categorizing it into kinds of things, or kinds of art. There are no categories for me, only experiences. 

Seep 2015 | 36"x36" archival inkjet print and resin on panel | 190.15.03
© 2015 Inland Empire Museum of Art
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