Frank Soekmin Kim


Frank Seokmin Kim is a resident of Southern California now, but he was born and raised in a city located in the southern area of South Korea called Kwangju.  Frank’s interest in art began at a very young age when he pursued calligraphy by the influence of his mother who was a professional calligrapher.  Frank completed his a undergraduate studies in fine arts in Mokpo University, then furthered his studies in Hongik Graduate School, focusing on the calligraphic line qualities in modern art.  Frank taught as a professor at an art college in his hometown.  Frank then worked as a designer in various fields.

Moving to California indeed had a noteworthy change in his painting motive and style, shifting his focus from modern art.  Frank is very fond of traveling around his home in search of inspirations for his paintings, and he hopes to continue his new passion by observing the unique beauties of his new home.During his free time,he also teaches Art to children with special needs.

Laguna Catus 2012 | 18x21 Oil on Canvas | 161.15.01
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