Fred Hartson

red Hartson
Portrait by: Gene Sasse 2010

Fred Hartson can trace his interest in art way back to the second grade when his budding talent was recognized and encouraged with a “one-man show” at an open house for parents. 

Fred graduated from Art Center College of Design where he studied under instructors who included Harry Carmean, Lorser Feitelson and Joseph Henninger.  He has spent a thirty-plus year career as an art director, graphic designer, and instructor.  His work in graphic design has garnered local, regional, as well as national awards. 

As with many commercial artists Fred has long felt the pull of fine art.  In his spare time over the years Fred has experimented with painting, sculpting, and photography.  Most recently he has been working with his photographs on the computer; altering, combining, and composing them into “digital paintings.”  The computer gives him control in his compositions over color, contrast and texture – be it bold or subtle.  The computer will also come up with surprises.  All combining into the “controlled spontaneity” all painters strive to cultivate.

From his Pioneer Point home in California’s high desert, Fred enjoys taking the back roads and trails looking for subjects for his art.  Those subjects can range from grand panoramas to intimate close-ups.

El Airolito Market 2003 | digital | 187.15.02
Mariposas 2002 | 15x22 digital | 100.14.06
Cat & Mouse I 1995 | 3.5x4.5 Ceramic Relief | 355.16.06
Last Light | Digital | 370.16.06
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