Gene Sasse

Trona Pinnacles at Dusk 2008 | photo | 46.13.10

No two people see the same thing in the same way. Each of us witnesses the world from a different perspective, we each have unique thoughts and emotions, and we each build on a different set of experiences.

A photograph can expand our vision by making us think, making us wonder and by summoning our emotions. My images explore the beauty that I have found and captured.

With my photography I compose stories, thoughts and ideas into a unique visual metaphor to show the wonder that surrounds us all.  To Capture more than meets the eye, tell a story and communicate a feeling without words.


Sculpture Detail LA 7780 2010 | 7x7 photo | 79.14.04
Garden Valley Ranch 2009 | 12x38 photo | 84.14.04
LACMA 7832 2010 | 7x7 photo | 82.1404
Sculpture Detail LA 7778 2010 | 7x7 photo | 80.14.04
Winged Agapanthus Bud 2009| 174x11 photo | 102.14.06
Disney Concert Hall 7712 2010 | 7x7 photo | 81.14.04
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Ornithology Still-Life | 7x9 photo | 99.14.06