Grace Comisso



Quad No. 1 2010 | 18x24 Acrylic on watercolor paper | 14.13.05

Before I could write I learned how to draw from Captain Kangaroo’s Magic Drawing Board. On a black and white television screen, curved lines appeared before my eyes, in which I followed along. When my drawing was finished, it looks just like the animal on screen and from that moment, I told myself, “I can draw.” It is a childhood memory that stands out by far as one of my most thrilling and my early belief in a drawing ability led me to a path in art.

Throughout my school years, my encouraging teachers guided me to pursue a graphic design career. After graduating from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a degree in Visual Communications, my first job was at a t-shirt design company in Delaware. When I moved back to New York, I worked several years as an Art Director for an ad agency managing the entire creative process. After two more corporate design positions, one at a financial institution and the other at a commercial real estate developer, in 2004, I finally made the move across the county to Los Angeles to further my design career. Once in LA, I worked contract jobs and full time positions in many design markets, which has provided me with well-rounded experience.

One year after my move to Los Angeles, I enrolled in an abstract drawing class at UCLA Extension. As a result of that class, I painted “Drinking Cappuccino,” which began my love of abstract painting. As I continued playing with color and brushstrokes, my artwork opened up a connection to my inner wisdom. Words of wisdom started to flow. The combination of painting freely and writing surges positive emotions that empowers me. This method that I spontaneously discovered has transformed my life. Now, I teach others how to connect to their own inner wisdom for positive transformation. I also just began to paint commissions and I am thrilled to connect to my Higher Power through my painting and writing and receive insights to bestow on the viewer positive vibrations of transformative qualities.

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