Greg Gilbert


Green Truck & Tumbleweeds 2012 | 30x40 mixed media | 70.14.02

Portrait by: Gene Sasse 2013

My art combines five elements. POP ART Abstract Expressionism, Impressionism, and Compositional Geometric Shapes. These Elements are Superimposed with Realism. In my Watercolor Series the art deceptively appears quickly done.

In fact, every Drip, Splatter, Scribble, and Smear, was Designed over Considerable Time. I build my paintings like an unseen puzzle, taking weeks, months, even years, to final perfection. Subconsciously or not, the art is mostly soft edge everyday common subject matter."

“I like to take, what, seems to be, common every-day objects of vintage nature and transform them  by exaggerating, color, texture, and  composition. Ordinary objects become extraordinary, radiant, Isolated and ironic  visual theatrical events.  Subject matter, normally over looked the viewer, MUST NOW, confront  its’ exposed  beauty, face on.”  

Luminous Yosemite 2013 | 22x30 watercolor | 18.13.06
Green Rusty Car - Lee Vining, CA 1971 | 22x30 mixed-media | 107.14.6
Mickey Mouse 2015 | 30x22 mixed-media
Electric Mickey 2014 | 30x22 mixed-media | 125.14.10
Sitting Bear-Red, White & Blue 2013 | 39x29 mixed-media | 96.14.05
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