Helen Hayes

Portrait by: Gene Sasse 2012


Checking the Tides 2012 | 19x25 Watercolor on Yupo | 30.13.09

Impetus for my painting begins with the desire to use the figure to illustrate life experiences; to use the figure to convey moods, emotions and relationships that are created from interactions between people and their cultures and their societies.

For me creating is the mental and technically challenging process of manipulating shapes, forms, colors, textures, colors, values, media and ideas until all of these elements become united into one whole composition. The process involves mentally creating challenges and experimenting on paper with different content and art element combinations. The next step … repeatedly evaluating, self-critiquing and making changes becomes one of the most satisfying and creative parts of the process.
I believe knowledge is a key element for creativity.  Having a deep knowledge within a given area provides the creator more avenues for exploration, more for the creator to deconstruct and reconstruct.

Every time a painter pulls out a new sheet of paper or canvas the challenge is there… a blank slate.  The challenge is to work with the concept and medium to create something that is unique, something that is interesting, something that is intriguing and something that conveys a message or expression.

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