Joanna Mersereau (1928-2017)

Joanna Mersereau
Historic Riverside 2006| 22x30 watercolor | 1.13.02
Portrait by: Gene Sasse 2012

Joanna Mersereau has established a long career in innovative watercolors with her continuing fresh view of wide ranging subjects. “Each painting is my challenge to find an approach that will pair my experience and skill to creativity—a new way that uses my imagination to lift an ordinary subject into ‘out of the ordinary’.”

Mersereau’s dedication to watercolor is longstanding as one of the founders of Watercolor West. Since then she has won signature membership in the American Watercolor Society, the epitome of excellence in the water media world. Her awards are numerous. Her paintings have found homes around the globe as well as in permanent collections of museums.

“I strive to push my next painting to levels above what I have just completed. If I am successful, someone will be connected emotionally. As it is, when I’m painting I truly touch the depths of who I am.”

Yellow Tulips 2002| 15x22 watercolor | 22.13.06
Garden Valley Ranch 2011 | 22x30 watercolor | 68.14.02
Tarshumara Basket Seller 1970's | 18x24 watercolor | 65.14.01
Pillow Talk 2001| 18x24 watercolor | 63.14.01
Take This Cup (Red) 2000| 30X22 watercolor |64.14.01
House in Uath ca. 1980's |22x30 watercolor | 62.14.01
Homage to Diego ca. 1970's |18x24 watercolor | 66.14.01
Tony 1987 | 9x8 watercolor | 236.15.03
Street in Rouen France 1990 | 14x11 watercolor | 109.14.07
Danza del Fuego 1999 | 30x22 watercolor | 262.15.11
Camp Fire 1999 | 22x30 watercolor | 244.15.06
Network 2010 | watercolor | 402.16.08
  Joanna Mersereau Collection  
Portrait Don O'Neill 1990 | 16x12 watercolor | 476.17.05
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