Karen Duckles


The intersection between the conscious and unconscious minds is the inspiration for this work.  I allow the image to flow freely from the unconscious, then act upon it from the vantage point of the conscious mind.  This movement back and forth allows the paintings to evolve in unexpected ways.  As surprising effects and marks occur, they are incorporated and change the painting.  This interplay creates a constant focus and imparts vitality.

The flow of the paint is a quality that is important to me, and I work in a gestural style, often using my hands directly on the canvas.  This imparts a sensuous quality of touch to the work.  The paintings have a great deal of movement, relating directly to the scale of the human body, as in the arc a hand might make across the expanse of canvas.

Although my paintings are abstract, many derive from natural phenomena, such as waves, wind, water, or plants.  The contemplation of nature, looking outside to see within, informs much of my work.

Burst 2015 | Oil on Canvas 63x44 | 306.16.02
© 2016 Inland Empire Museum of Art
All Art © by The Artist
Buds | Oil on Canvas 63x44 | 307.16.02