Karen Kauffman

Portrait by: Gene Sasse 2012
Vision 2010| 48"x36" Acrylic on wood panel |199.15.08
Rush 2008 | 60" x 40" Acrylic on Canvas | 200.15.08
Ebb & Flow | 48"x36" Acrylic on wood panel | 198.15.08

As long as I can remember I have been attracted by the creative world. I love the elegant, rhythmic movement I can achieve with paint. I appreciate its tactile quality, and the act of scraping and marking into surfaces. It gives me great enjoyment to manipulate materials and create images that surprise, amuse, ask questions, disarm and delight.  It’s my way to explore the world and discover what’s going on in my head and heart.  It’s a language invented as I go along to communicate what I can’t verbalize.

My work is about expressive impressions and feelings. It may contain recognizable images, but is not intended to capture observed reality. Rather, I create work from an internal process and strive to create a mood, a feeling or to express ideas about the subjects. Art is so much more than mere recording, more than capturing the likeness of the world we live in. Art is the telling of tales, the revelation of secrets we hold beneath our skin, it is what we fear, what we desire and what we hold in awe. It is all that we can dream and imagine and infinitely more.

Art for me is about the process-- the journey and the internal synthesis that takes place when we are engaged in the creative process. It is about the passion of color, texture, line and shape that goes beyond any specific technique. It is an exploration of worlds without and within.  The creative process is the gift that keeps on giving and hopefully this adventure continues until the day I cease to be.