Keith Klingonsmith

Oranges for the God's 2012 | 36x48 oil on canvas | 51.13.11
Portrait by: Gene Sasse 2013

Keith Klingonsmith’s art reflects the passion and depth of his search for truth. He wants his paintings not only to be enjoyed, but to be a vehicle that will encourage others to think outside the box. “Part of the purpose of my work is to get people to question, to look deeper” he says. Keith is as interested in passing on knowledge that he has acquired, as he is in finding it for himself. His art chronicles this passion and conveys images that he believes could have taken place thousands of years ago.

Interested in UFO’s since he was 12, Keith has invested years of his life in studying the phenomenon and has come to deep seated opinions based on information gleaned from numerous sources. “I am a seeker of truth and knowledge” he says, and has a remarkable body of knowledge to draw from.

Keith has studied extensively and looked deep into his own belief systems; this searching led him to settle on a particular theme for his work over the last few years. “My art deals with ancient civilizations and the study of the Gods.”

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