Kenneth Payne 1937 – 2006


Kenneth Payne was a native of New Mexico.  He grew up in Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Portales,  and graduated from the University of New Mexico with a degree in Education.  He earned his Master’s Degree from San Jose State University.

Kenneth’s art career began in 1987 when he left teaching and addictions counseling and moved back to New Mexico.  He explored and gained skill in various craft media including fiber, leather, paper, wood and metal.  All those skills were later employed in a series of sculptural boxes.

In 1997, Kenneth returned to black and white photography, using only traditional darkroom methods.  He photographed the landscape and architecture of New Mexico as well as still life and floral studies.

In 1999 he began a series of “Virtual Strangers”, photographic stories of beings from another dimension who find themselves on earth and must learn what it means to be human.

Kenneth did all the work himself, from building the “sets” to developing and framing the prints.  At one time he had his darkroom in the basement of the Lutz Building in Carrizozo, New Mexico.  He used traditional darkroom methods to develop black and white prints which he sepia-toned.  He photographed in medium format (2-1/4” square), on Ilford and Kodak films, developed in PMK (a pyro formula).  He printed on Oriental Mat paper, “lith” processed, and sepia toned.

27 Pages Latter 2003| 11"x11" Silver gelatin print |679.17.11
Artificial Intelligence 2003 |11"x11" Silver gelatin print |680.17.11
The Letdown 2004|11"x11" Silver gelatin print |682.17.11
The Last Angelus 2003 |11"x11" Silver gelatin print |683.17.11
Dislocated 2003|11"x11" Silver gelatin print |681.17.11
Circumscribed 2004 |11"x11" Silver gelatin print |684.17.11