Kevin Mount


Starry Flowers 2011| 15x22 watercolor | 33.13.10
photo by: Woody Hansen

He’s a painter who passionately draws and paints with youthful love and joy. A young man of very few words, Kevin speaks softly but wields an expressive brush. If one asks Kevin if he would like to paint, he will most likely nod his head positively, and with a great amount of confidence and enthusiasm will say, “I paint.

Kevin loves to draw and paint anything. The world is his inspiration, no matter the subject. Upon completing a painting, Kevin will gently lay his brush on the table or easel, and smile. If asked what he thinks about his painting, Kevin will look up and calmly reply, “I like.
Kevin is a wonderful example of actions speaking louder than words. The words critical and judgmental do not exist in Kevin’s world; in their place might be the word appreciation. As it ideally should be for anyone worthy of the term artist.

Kevin experiences neurological and immune system difficulties. Neurologically, he has been diagnosed as autistic. Additionally, his immune system has developed a condition related to potassium blockage which produces inflammation resulting in asthma, vitiligo (depigmentation in the skin), ulcerative colitis, and encephalitis.
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