Kirk Kain




I am from Iowa (a corn fed boy) but have been in sunny Cal for over 20 years- so, now a native. The Midwest is full of natural beauty, which has always inspired me. I grew up as a loner and a dreamer, and love fantasy/science fiction/etc. and I think my art reflects that. My art is a personal reflection of what I find intriguing, engaging, and to me, beautiful. I'm not necessarily interested in getting everything picture perfect, but most of the time am trying to convey a mood, a feeling, an atmosphere. I'd like the viewer to feel as if they know that place, that context, that feeling of the painting.

My work is an exploration of the juxtaposition between fantasy and reality, using reality as a reference but not a conclusion, often incorporating whimsy alongside a darker element. Art I see as beautiful, inspires and connects with the viewer, evoking a certain mood or context. For me, a stroke of the brush that engages, asks you to look more deeply, or examines the underpinnings of a work is a successful piece of art.

My journey continues to evolve and mature, embracing new styles, new mediums, and possibilities of expression. I primarily work with acrylic on canvas but have started exploring new media, such as alternate canvas preparation, cardboard, found objects, and ceramics.

My goals are to continue my journey and growth as an artist, and to remain vigorous, creative, and daring. 



Dandelions 2013 | 40x16 acrylic on canvas with applied grit | 52.13.11
© 2015 Inland Empire Museum of Art
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