Luz Perez

I always knew that I could draw and paint.  In first grade, I won a contest at school and I knew from that moment on that I could draw, that I could see what made up all the colors, shapes, and lines.  I knew what the colors underneath needed to be, and I fell in love with oil paint.  From then on, I started doing copies for relatives and friends.  I was a pretty good copier.  As a result, my own style didn’t evolve until several years ago when a very catastrophic event in my life changed everything.  From that moment on, it was as though my mind could see, my heart feel, and my soul was free to express and follow the path I should have been on from the very beginning.

The paintings for this website are from my Plein Air experiences in California and some studio paintings. I  am attempting to show how the light affects the scenery and how it changes as the day grows long.  My love of painting outdoors is a challenge for me.  However, I get to enjoy so many beautiful sites to paint in the company of other great artists. I see the beauty of God’s light on everything and it is a struggle for me to put it on my canvas.
Village of Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia 2013 |12x16 Oil | 133.14.11
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