Mandi Batalo


The images of Pam are part of my recent work and is representative of a series I am working on using the Narrative camera titled “It’s all in the Narrative.” I first learned of the wearable camera in an article published in the MIT Sloan Management Review. While there are limitations on the function and image quality of the camera, wearing a camera that takes a photo every 30 seconds allows me to focus on listening to the other person and not be concerned with the mechanics of the camera. Editing and post-production work are important factors in the making of the photos. The frames help with sequencing and telling a visual story.

People’s expressions can reflect their emotions. Pam is my sister, and the photos taken of her were at a lunch we were sharing in downtown Los Angeles shortly after our mother died in May of 2014. This is the context of the photos. The meaning of story is up to the unique interpretation of each viewer.

As a visual artist and educator for 30 years, my intent has been to help people connect with their creative centers. I view photography as a friend that helps me connect with my own center.

Pam 2014 | 11x14 Photograph | 184.15.02
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