Mark Alan Frederickson


From underwater decorating to painting murals, my Art career has taken me around in different directions. I have work from sign shops as a sign painter to TV studios as a prop builder. I also worked for Disneyland as a Park Decorator. This took me from designing and merchandising park store front windows to, yes decorating underwater. I was required to put on scuba gear and install static fish and foliage in the submarine attraction inside the park. I graduated in 1983 with a BA in Art (Illustration) from Cal State University at Fullerton. I extended my education at Fullerton College taking life sculpture and bronze casting. This helped me to get hired at Disneyland as a Park Decorator, because the job description required me to sculpt Characters from Disney’s animated movies for their animated windows on Main Street.

In 2005 I made a change in direction, focusing on painting (acrylics and oils), I returned to Fullerton college. My passion is to challenge and take my work (paintings) as far as I can, threw application of layers and textures by brush stroke. I currently have been entering my paintings in a few shows, events and galleries.

Working today as a graphic designer for a major Orange county sign company and a set designer for a local theater production company. I find my experiences in the Arts to be always challenging and fullfilling.

Marilyn Faux 2014 | 10x21 Oil on canvas | 263.15.11
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