Mark Dean Veca


That's All 2017 | Ultrachrome print on wood panel (1/1) 15.25x23 | 790.18.12

Veca is known for creating paintings, drawings and installations that portray surreal cartoons, psychedelic landscapes, and pop culture iconography while also being inspired by long-established decorative motifs.

He is widely recognized for his all-encompassing installations that surround the viewer and incite a sense of awe. Revealing fantastical, humorous, aggressive, or sexual imagery with both frenzy and pattern-like precision, his works often recall a modernized type of toile painting.


That's All, 2017, appropriates a familiar composition from popular culture, the exuberant Looney Tunes farewell, and subverts it into what appears to be our final passage through a polyp-ridden colon into the vast and never-ending void.



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