Mark Dodge Medlin


New sights inspire me, in another country or a few blocks from home. Bold shapes and strong lines draw me in, and then I pick up the details — a shadow at a construction site near my office, the textures of a wall in a small town outside Madrid, a woman surrounded by books in a shop on the Left Bank.

I prefer a limited color palette, and several photos in this show are dominated by a single hue. When two vibrant colors share a frame, it's for the sake of contrast, like an orange couch jumping out of its background of green foliage. Life happens in color, but a good photo requires more than pretty colors.

San Diego is famous for pretty pictures of its beaches and parks, but tourist snapshots sell the city short. After six years in San Diego, I still see it with fresh eyes, just as I have Paris and Spain. Whether from halfway around the world or a drive across town, these are photos from my travels.

River and Tree | 10x14 photo | 205.15.03
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