Mary H. Sievers

Portrait by: Gene Sasse 2011
Point Loma Coast 2003 | Watercolor 22x30 | 36.13.10


The majority of my paintings are motivated by nature, the many things I observe are exciting and beautiful and I immediately want to try to capture those feelings. 

I think we all are born with the desire to be creative. I can be happy gardening or woodworking but always have returned to painting.  For me creativity is a challenge and painting is what challenges me the most and, to which, I am compelled to keep going back. At times it can be exciting or frustrating; it can make the rest of the world disappear for a while.  Painting is my way of expressing myself and gives me joy and feeling of accomplishment.

Creativity – the process of creating. I believe that creativity involves the steps taken, which are unique to each artist, to arrive with a completed piece of art.  I contemplate about something, in my case as a visual artist, a painting, then plan how to proceed to the finished work, the more creative or imaginative the artist is, the more unique the process and final “product”. For me, the steps taken to complete a piece of art are usually different for every piece. I believe this is one of the unique steps in creativity.  During this process the completed piece of art may have evolved into something different than what was first visualized.

I believe that everyone is creative in anything they are doing, cleaning house, cooking, gardening, writing, painting, etc.

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