Milford Zornes N.A. 1908-2008

Giants of the Swamp 1995 | 30x38 watercolor | 12.13.02
photo by: Marciano Martinez

MILFORD ZORNES Born 1908, Camargo, Oklahoma.  In the 1930’s Milford Zornes made a major impact on the art world with his unique full sheet watercolors which made him an iatrical part of the California Style Movement along with Millard Sheets . His work was included in the 1936 National exhibit of oil painting in the Corcoran Gallery, Washington, D.C.. As a W.P.A. artist, he was the most productive in the country as well as doing murals at Post Offices in Texas and California along with his many watercolors. Elenor Roosevelt selected one of his watercolors for the White House. During WWII Sergeant Zornes was responsible for artistically recording the war while in India, Burma and China.

In the early 1950’s he painted Greenland while working on the Thule Air Base. In 1963 he purchased Maynard Dixon’s studio in Mt. Carmel, Utah and worked there for more than thirty years while teaching workshops throughout the U.S. and the world. His work is in the Metropolitan Museum, Smithsonian, L.A. County, Vincent Price and numerous other collections. His most recent project was a watercolor mural for East Los Angeles College. Many publications and awards have been given to one of this country’s most respected artists.

Field Workers | linoleum block print | 169.15.01
Half Dome, Yosimite 2003 | 22X30 brush & ink | 16.13.05
India Portrait 1944 | 20x15 ink on paper | 25.13.08
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Nude 2000 | 22X30 waterclor | 174.15.02