Nancy Torbitt-Stewart


Text from the novel by Ernest J. Gaines
"Lesson Before Dying"

The story takes place in Louisiana in the 1940's, where a 21 year old uneducated black field worker named Jefferson is wrongfully accused and convicted of robbery and murder of a white man. He is sentenced to die by electrocution. During the proceedings he is called 'just a dumb animal' even his defense attorney states electrocuting him would be the same thing as 'strapping a hog in the electric chair'. His godmother asks the local plantation teacher, Mr. Wiggins, to teach Jefferson  'to be a man'. They meet over several months and this is the letter Jefferson writes Mr. Wiggins the night before he is to be executed, thanking him.

I always remembered the book and reread it after many years.  I was greatly moved by it and wanted to express my sorrow over the injustice portrayed, one that is still occurring.

Nancy Torbitt-Stewart

Lesson Before Dying | 33.5"x33.5" acrylic & mixed-media | 188.15.03

Art is one of the many ways we communicate. I discovered I could show my feelings and opinions through art, which was very handy in a home where ‘speaking up’ was discouraged. Making art became a voice. Today I use my art to play, make sense of the world around me and share who I am in that world.

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