Navajo Folk Art


Navajo folk art is highly personal, often whimsical, and a charming reflection of rural life. Self-taught artists create works from communal traditions that are part of the everyday life of the people. Each piece embodies the love of art that comes from the individual artist and expresses the Navajo view of the world and the people, animals and spirits within it. Folk art is a popular American artform with dedicated followers.

Navajo Folk Art has formed its own niche, with its artists gaining recognition within a larger audience. It's filled with diversity. Delightful mud toys, not only made for children, have young girls and boys, grandmothers and families riding on the backs of horses, sheep and chickens, and even Uncle Sam and Santa Claus. Horsehair, wool and leather are used for decorations. Sturdy sandstone figures are also carved into a variety of shapes -- from horses to Nativity scenes.

Jean Yazzie | KFC Truck with chicken | 278.15.11
Ray Lansing | Crow with Hat | 281.15.11
Elizabeth Manygoats | Navajo Tiles- kivs with spinner of a US flag weaving | 291.15.11
Dennis Pioche | Navajo Man with Coke | 273.15.11
Matt Yellowman | Small Roster w/ Lime Green Keds |267.15.11
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