O.K. Harry: 1925-2005


O.K. Harry was an important regional artist who taught at Riverside Community College for decades. He had a great influence on many local artists who took classes from him.

His laid back style and generosity had a huge impact on students. Students learned how to think about my art in a new open way, but also absorbed an attitude about life that was very positive. He had a sly humorous side to his personality, which would show itself now and then. During a group critique one time student was having a hard time finishing a work he had brought in, and was very frustrated, he made a recommendation to student that the best way to finish the work was to place it on my driveway and run over it with my car. He expressed that the elements of the painting would be distributed in a more proper manner.

Fisherman Mt. Lake | 18x16 watercolor | 38.13.10
Fisherman Stream | 14x11 watercolor | 39.13.10
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Tree & Mountian Lake 1983 | Watercolor | 405.16.08