Patricia Woodhull


Art is a continuous stream of interpretations - of physical things around us - political, historical, social events, visions seen only by the artist. And these interpretations embody the mood od the artist - humorous, tragic, sensual, sad. I choose humor, for I find an appreciative adience for the whimsey I use in overstating the characters I employ, or for the mix of human, animal, bird figures and symbolism which populate my works.

I do enjoy the human figure and feel that my whimsey is a fresh interprestation of the child within all of us, who enjoys humor and the answerless mystery and fantasy of my works without regard for its truthfulness. In my paintings, I choose oil for my mediumfor the tactile quality it adds to the scenes, giving them a hint of reality to offset the cartoon-like image they impart to some viewers. In my collages, my choice of intriguing, yet familiar, colors and patterns seem to give the viewer an understanding of my work.

Last Time I Saw Paris | 18x14 Collage |61.14.01
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