Patter Hellstrom

Portrait by: Gene Sasse 2014

Patter Hellstrom creates abstract panel paintings on polypropylene that invoke the calligraphic painting tradition while exploring the dark side of beauty.  Expressive brushwork in fluid color balanced along centerlines creates a dynamic equilibrium in her acrylic ink paintings on polypropylene. Encompassing themes of impermanence, compassion, stability, and interdependence these works speak to Buddhist concepts. Each piece defined by centerlines, providing balance, and acting as a point of reference within areas of color. A graphite cross-hair element evokes a sense of detachment among a host of competing forces. Centerlines hold despite disruptions of splashed color and textured brushwork, suggesting stability within chaos and a curious interdependence between two forces.

Starting Point 2007| 26x20 acrylic ink on polypropylene | 73.14.02
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