Pete Morris


LA Street Scene 2010| 11x14 watercolor | 35.14.10
Portrait by: Gene Sasse 2013

Pete Morris is a storyteller, and when he sketches, he can tell the story of a stranger at a particular moment with a keen eye and a sharp pencil. In more then a few instances, he has caught on paper the hurt or pain, the restlessness or fatigue of the person sitting nearby. The emotional state of his fellow commuters seems to glide onto his sketchbook along with their profiles. Seeing beyond what his eyes show him at times, he imparts a bit of the person themselves into his work.

Pete’s art involves his whole being: his life history, his emotions, his spirituality, his intellect all intersect when he creates. “And then” says Pete “it transcends all of those things, because maybe God is involved, and maybe there is something mysterious about it that transcends all of that and can’t fully be explained”

Metro Sketch Aug 27, 2012 | 11x14 mixed-media | 34.13.10
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