Robert George: 1928-1999


Portrait by: Gene Sasse 1989

Untitled 1989 | 11x14 watercolor | 58.13.11

Untitled 1994 | 26x19 watercolor | 78.14.04

Robert George was born in Chino, California.He was the nephew of Sam Maloof. He received his B. A. from the University of Redlands and his M. F. A. from Claremont Graduate School. He studied at Harvard and in Italy. George taught art for thirty years in the Chaffey and Pomona school disrticts.

His dominant style was Abstract Expressionism. His work has been exhibited at Gumps Gallery in San Francisco and throughout California. Robert George received many honors and won many awards during his lifetime.

Untitled | Watercolor | 748.18.05
Roster| Watercolor | 756.18.10
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