Ron Blanchard

Apophysis Fractal 100 2013 |14x26 digital | 42.13.10

Portrait by: Gene Sasse 2013

With a background in graphic design, photography and teaching, Ron has discovered a mode of creation that taps into universal wonderment and of all things, it is based on mathematics. A simple line can be turned and twisted into an exquisite complexity, the intricate beauty of a mathematical equation; the elegance of patterns. 

Ron chases mystery with childlike wonder, “there is a mystery behind things that are unusual, and haven’t been seen before.” With the heart of an explorer, he inputs a pre-set formula into a program, and produces a shape. By changing the parameters in the formula, even by a minute fraction, he can cause a different image to form. Zooming into these shapes, into the dark regions, he calls to the forefront patterns that exist, but that have never been seen before.

Yarn 2014 |15x35 digital | 223.15.03
Teal Coral 2014 |15x35 digital | 225.15.03
comma 2014 |15x20 digital | 224.15.03
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