Roxene Rockwell



Rockwell creates her reoccurring subject –fantasy trees. She is not interested to paint an actual oak or maple tree; her trees don’t have botanical names. Her interest is in the similarity of trees to humans, no two are alike. Her interest lies in the movement, the shape and the stillness of a tree. Like human arms, tree branches reach out and seem to whisper or talk in the wind.

I like to believe that life, or something like it, goes on forever and in a place full of contentment, peace, and serenity. A place where the temperature is always pleasant, the water is crystal clear, and the plants offer oxygen and beauty. Yet, I believe that if such a place exists, it would be terribly fragile. That is why the tree in my painting sits tenuously on shallow ground with a single red root exposed to a vast nothingness.

Untitled 2018 | Acrylic on canvas 24x18 | 791.18.12
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