Samantha Wendell


Her unique style is perfectly timed to capture the moment of concentration when athletes, musicians, actors and the like are unrivaled. Whether it be at the height of competition, or the height of a performance, Samantha is able to portray both the agony and the ecstasy of the moment intimately. These masterful portraits offer the viewer an unpredictable perspective into an individual's psyche - the struggle with being human, and struggle to reach and attain greatness.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Ms. Wendell grew up amid the strong influence of the entertainment industry. Out of a longing for something deeper than a surface reality, she fell in love with the life contained in the human face. Classically trained as a portrait painter in France and England, Ms. Wendell further developed her concepts through vigorous research and discipline. By incorporating her vast education and experiences, she has evolved to a level of perfection and uniqueness in her portraiture.

Forest Fairy 2006 | 28x22 oil on canvas | 120.14.10
Andree 2010 | 24x18 giclee signed, limited edition | 234.15.03
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Mom & Babe 2005 | 36x30 oil on canvas | 233.15.03