Sioux Bally-Maloof


Portrait by: Samuel Maloof 2014
Last Dance for Nicolae II 2012| 13x13 monoprint with chine-collé | 135.14.11

Art is at my core. Like breathing, it is necessary. 

The whole creative process adds depth and meaning to my life. It allows for tremendous joy, heartfelt agony and a host of deeply felt passions that make me feel complete. 

My art also speaks for me. It is an anchoring material for my thoughts, desires and dreams and helps transform those processes into something sustaining to be shared. 

For many years now, I have been a painter in the California-modern style toying with my own unique sense of realism. The natural world, in its many forms, has been consistently emphasized in my subject matter. I have explored in depth oil and oil pastel and honed various printmaking techniques with great success and much joy. 

My most recent work signifies new directions in my art, taking what I have learned from classical atelier oil painting workshops with its accentuation on the figure and carrying that knowledge forward into the development of numerous distinctive portraiture pieces as well.

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