Snezana  Saraswati  Petrovic


Unknown Language: Prayer for Compassion & Care 2017 | 4x4 Acrylic & Gold Leaf on Canvas |673.17.07
  Snezana Saraswati Petrovic moved to the United Stated in 1991 at the verge of the Yugoslavian civil war; she has been in search of “home” while exploring the idea of one’s habitat and one’s place within it ever since. 

Installation artist, video and performance artist, academic and award-winning set and costume designer, Snezana is fascinated with everyday objects and their ability for transformation. Her art seeks to open a dialogue between the past and present moment, in a poetic language of visual interplay between seemingly opposites, she is an environment maker – considering herself a home builder for false and authentic inhabitants. Petrovic is intrigued with the human condition and its relationship to spaces and objects. 
Mixed Media | 686.18.02
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