Susan Ilseley


I was raised in Claremont, a community famous for its interest in art, in a professional family of medical doctors. We grew up family friends with Millard Sheets, Milford Zornes, and Karl Benjamin.

My mother was a ceramist who studied under Betty Davenport Ford and I studied ceramics at Whitworth University in Washington. Museums have always been a central part of my family life and my children enjoyed frequent visits growing up. Living in Colorado for twenty five years I worked in art education with special needs and pre-school children.

Recently I have become more involved with photography, showing in Pasadena, Pomona, and the Center for Digital Arts in Los Angeles. I am especially delighted by the inconsistencies, contradictions and contrapositions in the everyday world. In short, my work is intentionally ironic.

Goddess Trapped | 28x48 color photo | 142.14.11
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