Susan E. Routledge


Portrait by: Gene Sasse 2014

Other than a strong belief in the importance of truth and beauty, I have little insight into what compels me to paint. An artist whose work I hold in high esteem once told me that truth and beauty are dead. I strongly disagree. Certainly life is full of the bad, sad and downright unfair, but by dwelling on such things we risk becoming incapable of achieving positive change.

As artists, I believe that if we have any mission at all, it is to lift the spirit of the viewer. Even if our effect on the viewer is negligible, an emphasis on the existence of truth and beauty in all aspects of life should be among our highest aspirations. I have heard it said that there are three types of artists: the reporter, the commentator, and the author. I have always striven to be the author.

Corn Talkers 2009 | 30x30 oil on canvas | 97.14.05
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