Suzanne Donazetti


portrait by: Gene Sasse 2017

During my artistic journey, I have explored painting, fiber, quilting, basketry, jewelry and silversmithing.  I was never a proper weaver, but one day was compelled to weave sheet silver and that’s when the adventure began.  I first colored the silver or copper with chemical patinas, but the colors were not satisfying.  So I experimented with different materials until I mastered the process of painting and weaving copper.  As far as I know, I am the only artist using this specific technique, which I teach in occasional workshops.

In 1997 I began creating three-dimensional abstract landscapes for the wall. 

My vision is to communicate with color, through the refractive lens of weaving, brief moments of light in the natural environment.  I seek to paint changing, complex pieces that will inspire an emotional response and a sense of meditation.  

The design process is complex and labor intensive, involving precise measuring and planning.  I apply metallic leaf on two sets of 36 gauge copper – a warp and a weft.  Using liquid acrylics, airbrush inks and powdered pigments, I paint abstract images on the copper.  I use 36 gauge tooling copper as my canvas and metallic leaf, transparent inks and liquid acrylics for my paints because of the unique qualities each material brings to the others.  After sanding, I layer the acrylics, inks and powdered pigments on the warps and wefts in a design that will appear after weaving.  The colors are intense and, when mixed with water, create a unique watercolor effect.  After the paint dries, I then wax the copper to prevent oxidation and facilitate weaving.  I cut the warps and wefts in gentle curves and weave the pieces together to lend a refractive quality to the paintings.

Willow Rose | mixed media | 676.17.11
Turquoise Spring | mixed media | 675.17.11
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Secrets and Lies | mixed media | 677.17.11