Vartan Ohanian

Portrait by: Gene Sasse 2016
Hear the Music 2014 | oil on canvas | 343.16.05

Vartan Ohanian arrived in America from Armenia in 1980, and uniquely combines smithery with art, and considers his "real work" to be blacksmithing. After graduating from Terlemezian Art School in Armenia, he continued postgraduate studies for two years at the Fine Arts and Theatre Institute of Yerevan. He broadened his training by studying metallurgy craftsmanship  at the Estonian State Institute of Fine Arts. He fashioned a a monumental memorial to the Armenian struggle to liberation as the central ornament to a square in Yerevan, designed the doors and lighting fixtures for the Club of Journalists and sculpted a 75 foot chandelier that spans from the first to the top floor of the Lenstromyprom-proekt, an architectural building in St. Petersburg.

The 75 foot chandelier that he created for Leningrad's Architectural Building he said it was his greatest accomplishment. "If you do a big monumental work and then you do small things," Ohanian said, ". . . it is never the same." "Right now, my energy goes into painting (small art pieces) and building little things for people, but that is not enough," Ohanian said. "I need to start my real work, to let me expel my feelings. This is my love. It is my life."

Vartan Ohanian Վարդան Օհանյան Вартан Оганян | 9:11
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