Veronica Lucas  

Veronica Lucas
Portrait by: Gene Sasse 2013

Veronica Lucas is an active printmaker in the community of Riverside California.  She uses oil based inks in her one of a kind monoprints to create expressive and emotional imagery. Veronica incorporates papers, and the application of  additive and subtractive methods in her work,  using brightly colored inks to create atmosphere and textural effects.  

Veronica started her career as a graphic artist working in advertising and print production.  She worked in the field for six years before returning to school to obtain her BFA.  Veronica received her degree in Fine Art, with a major in Graphic Design, from the College of New Jersey in 2002.  During her studies, she took coursework in printmaking, painting, sculpture and illustration.  After graduating, she worked in advertising as a graphic designer and found a home with the City of Riverside, California.

Veronica’s desire is to create a venue which draws the viewer to her work in a creative and captivating way.

Early Morning 1995 | 11x14 Mono Print | 47.13.10
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